Searching for new ultrasonic flowmeters? Cannot find the right gas analyzer or moisture measurement? Search no more, AddValue is your partner.

You’ve just bought an instrument, just installed it or it is in service for a long time. But who is going to do the maintenance and calibration, or the repair? And who is going above and beyond by instructing the users or delivering training? And who is going to advise on maintenance that can be planned accordingly?

Can anyone do a clamp-on liquid flow measurement for us, since we don’t have the equipment nor the expertise?

AddValue Instruments B.V. can provide this all. For an old ultrasonic flare flowmeter from 1995, an Aluminum Oxide moisture device of 5 years old, or a brand-new paramagnetic oxygen analyzer or TDLAS moisture meter with sampling system, the AddValue specialists can take care of that for you.


AddValue Instruments was founded only in 2016. So it seems fairly new, but with over 35 years of shared experience of the technicians. Read more...


Maintenance, calibration & validation

Start-up an commissioning of new equipment. Maintenance, calibration and validation of existing equipment and Flare Gas Validation (Baker Hughes certified).


Converting your request to a quick and perfect quote, resulting in a delivery to your site.

Product & application training

Product specific and application classroom or on-site training.

Technical support & help

Revisions, pre commissioning and commissioning, sale of parts and replacement equipment, rental of portable liquid flowmeters PT878 and “Man and Machine”.

Consultancy & calibration

Flow meter assembly and independent lab calibration and consultancy.


In the Benelux and outside we serve customers in the chemical and petrochemical business, energy sector, waste industry, offshore production, pharma and many more...