Moisture Measurement

We provide sales, maintenance and repair for many types of hygrometers and other moisture related instruments. Below is an overview of examples of instruments.

Moisture.IQ Analyzer
The moisture.IQ or Moisture IQ is part of Baker Hughes's IQ series. The moisture.IQ is a moisture and oxygen analyzer with touchscreen display. For up to 6 channels.

Dew.IQ Single Channel Hygrometer
The dew.IQ or Dew IQ is an advanced hygrometer with a superior response time, and an easy way to change probes.

HygroPro Moisture Transmitter
The HygroPro is a loop-powered moisture transmitter for the measurement of the moisture levels in pipelines and other applications.

DewPro Dew Point Transmitters
The DewPro transmitters are a series of transmitters for the moisture levels in gasses. We can provide maintenance and repair for the MMY30, MMY31, MMR31 and MMR101.

PM880 Portable Hygrometer/Moisture Analyzer
The PM880 is a complete portable hygrometer for easy mobile use.

VeriDri OEM Moisture Transmitter
The VeriDri is a loop-powered moisture analyzer. It is simple but very accurate and reliable.

Obsoleted products: only service & repair

MIS 1 Moisture Analyzer
The MIS1 is a multichannel hygrometer. It is multifunctional and very accurate in varying conditions.

MIS 2 Moisture Analyzer
The MIS2 is a single channel hygrometer. It is multifunctional and very accurate in varying conditions.

MMS 3 Moisture Analyzer
The Moisture Monitor Series 3 (MMS3) is a dual channel meter. The second channel can deliver a large saving on the costs-per-measurement.

MMS35 and the MMS35IS.
The portable hygrometer.

Hygrometer Panadry Model
The Panadry model is a simple hygrometer created by Panametrics.

MTS Moisture Analyzers
The Moisture Target Series (MTS) is a group of moisture analyzers. We can provide service for the MTS-4, MTS-5 and MTS-6.