T5 Ultrasonic Transducer for Gas or Steam
The T5 ultrasonic flow transducer is used exclusively with the Panametrics line of ultrasonic flowmeters. These transducers measure the flow rate of sonically conductive gases through pipes having diameters between 1 in. (25 mm) and 120 in. (3000 mm). Such measurements are independent of the pipe material.

T17 Ultrasonic Transducer for the Flare Gas Flowmeter
The T17 ultrasonic gas transducer is a high-power transducer for accurate measurement of gas flow rate in gas flow meter systems with high sensitivity to low and high flow velocity.

BWT System
The BWT system is a system for in-line Flow Transducers. BWT is an abbreviation of Bundle Waveguide Technology.

C-ET Clamp-on Extended Temperature Transducer for liquid
The clamp-on extended temperature (C-ET) range transducer system provides liquid flow measurement in very low- or very high-temperature applications. It represents GE's latest generation of non-contact, demanding measurement transducers and capitalizes on more than 20 years of experience from the OKS transducer system.
For high temperature hydrocarbon liquids, superheated water, heat transfer oils and cryogenic liquids.