AddValue provides maintenance for many instruments from GE and Panametrics that work with gasses. We work with, for example, oxygen transmitters; gas analyzers; and others. Below is an overview of instruments that we can i.a. provide maintenance and reperation for.

O2X1 Oxygen Transmitter
The O2X1 is a two-wired, loop-powered transmitter with an output of 4-20 mA.

Flue Gas Analyzers
The FGA series is a series of dual sensor analyzers for the measuring of the levels of specific gasses within flue gas.

CGA Fittings
CGA fittings are the standard fittings as described by th Compressed Gas Association.

XMO2 Thermo Paramagnetic Oxygen Transmitter/Analyze
The XMO2 is a compact transmitter that creates a computer-enhanced oxygen measurement and submits it online.

TMO2 Oxygen Transmitter
The TMO2 is a compact, online oxygen analyzer that is weather- and explosionproof.

XMTC Thermal Conductivity Transmitter & Analyzer
The XMTC analyzes the thermal conductivity of hydrogen and other gasses.

Oxy.IQ Oxygen Transmitter
The oxy.IQ or Oxy IQ is an accurate oxygen analyzer that can measure up to 10 ppm.

TMO2D Display and Power Supply
The TMO2D is a LCD Display for a better insight into your transmitters.

XDP Explosion-Proof Gas Transmitter Display
The XDP is a strong explosionproof display for the reading of the data collected by your transmitters.