GAS, flow meters

Portable gas flow meters, clamp-on

PT878GC portable ultrasonic flowmeter for gas
The TransPort PT878GC portable gas flow meter is a complete ultrasonic flow metering system for measuring most gases including: Natural gas, Compressed air, Fuel gases, Erosive & corrosive gases
Toxic gases, High-purity gases, Air separation gases. This flow meter can be installed in just minutes without needing to shut down.
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Flare mass flow meters, in-line

DigitalFlow GF868 Flare Gas Mass Ultrasonic Flow Meter
The GF868 is a flowmeter for flare gas. The measurements help with keeping an eye on the environmental regulations and finding the points of leakage and checking your mass-balance.
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DigitalFlow XGF868i Flare Gas Ultrasonic Flow Meter
The XGF868i is a flare gas flow meter with a compact and explosionproof transmitter.
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Stoom massa flowmeters, in-line

DigitalFlow GS868 Steam Mass Ultrasonic Flow Meter
The GS868 is a flowmeter for steam that can help you optimize your boilers, steam injection and HVAC.
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DigitalFlow XGS868i Steam Mass Ultrasonic Flow Transmitter
The XGS868i is a steam flow transmitter that causes no drop in pressure, while measuring in your lines.
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Clamp-on gas flow meter, fixed installation

DigitalFlow GC868 Clamp-On Gas Ultrasonic Flow Meter
The GC868 is a permanent installation with clamp-on transducers that go around your pipes, without the need to cut your pipes.
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DigitalFlow CTF878 Clamp-On Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meter
The CTF878 is a flowmeter specialized in corrosive, erosive, toxic, sterile and highly pure gasses. It will measure clamp-on gas, even as low as 1 bar(a).
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Gas flow meters in-line, fixed installation

DigitalFlow XGM868i Gas Flow Ultrasonic Transmitter
The XGM868i is a gas flow transmitter that delivers high-accuracy measurements on a wide range of flows.
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DigitalFlow GM868 Gas Flow Ultrasonic meter
The GM868 is a gas flow meter that delivers high-accuracy measurements on a wide range of flows.
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PanaFlow Z1G & Z2G
The PanaFlow ultrasonic gas flow meter systems are high-performance, affordable solutions for a variety of gas flow applications. The Z1G provides a one-path configuration, while the Z2G offers a two-path. Both offer a broad range that is accurate and reliable, and available in robust, sleek designs. For waste gas, biogas, fuel gas and many more applications.
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