Obsoleted products where we still provide service and repairs

DigitalFlow GN868 Natural Gas Flow Meter
The GN868 is a flowmeter for measuring natural gasses. It is equipped with complete ultrasonic flowmeter systems.

GE Panametrics Ultrasonic Flowmeters
We have knowledge and experience with many old ultrasonic flowmeters from GE-Panametrics. For example, the 7168, 7068, GP68, 6068 and 6468.
But also, for older transmitters like XGM868 & XGS868 & XMT868

TransPort PT-series Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter for Liquids
The PT-series is a series of portable flowmeters for varying liquids. Popular versions consist of PT868, PT868R & PT878

PanaFlow Integrated Ultrasonic Flow Meter System
The PanaFlow is a fully integrated flowmeter for permanent installation in rugged environments.

AquaTrans Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meter
AT868, UTX878 and other AquaTrans flowmeters are easy-to-install flowmeters.

T-series Transducers
The transducers of the T-series are a series of high-powered transducer. Examples are the T2, T3, T9, T14.