We have the experience and training ready for the maintenance and reperation of many types of flowmeters. Below is an overview of which flowmeters we i.a. can maintain for you.

DigitalFlow GF868 Flare Gas Mass Ultrasonic Flow Meter
The GF868 is a flowmeter for the flaring of gas. The measurements help with keeping an eye on the environmental regulations and finding the points of leakage.

DigitalFlow GS868 Steam Mass Ultrasonic Flow Meter
The GS868 is a flowmeter for steam that can help you optimalize things like your boilers, steaminjection and HVAC.

DigitalFlow GC868 Clamp-On Gas Ultrasonic Flow Meter
The GC868 is a permanent installation with ultrasonid clamp-on transducers that go around your pipes without creating bottlenecks.

DigitalFlow GN868 Natural Gas Flow Meter
The GN868 is a flowmeter for measuring natural gasses. It is equipped with complete ultrasonic flowmeter systems.

General Electric Panametric Ultrasonic Flowmeters
We have knowledge and experience with many ultrasonic flowmeters from GE-Panametrics. For example the 7168, 7068, GP68, 6068 and 6468.

DigitalFlow XMT868i Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Transmitter
The XMT868i (and XMT868) is a flow transmitter for liquids that uses state-of-the-art measuring systems.

DigitalFlow XGF868i Flare Gas Ultrasonic Flow Meter
The XGF868i is a gas flow meter with a low-cost, compact and explosionproof transmitter.

DigitalFlow XGM868i Gas Flow Ultrasonic Transmitter
The XGM868i is a transmitter based version of the XGM868 (which we can also help you with) that delivers high-accuracy measurements on a wide range of flows.

DigitalFlow XGS868i Steam Mass Ultrasonic Flow Transmitter
The XGS868i is a completely digital version of the ultrasonic steam flowmeter XGS868. It causes no drop in pressure while measuring.

TransPort PT-series Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter for Liquids
The PT-series is a series of portable flowmeters for varying liquids. Popular versions consist of PT868, PT878, PT878GC and PT900.

Sentinel LCT High-Accuracy Liquid Flow Meters
The LCT4 and LCT8 are very accurate flowmeters that are most efficiently used with measuring the flow of hydrocarbon liquids, like oil and gasoline, and water.

PanaFlow Integrated Ultrasonic Flow Meter System
The PanaFlow is a fully integrated flowmeter for permanent installation in rugged environments.

AquaTrans Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meter
The AT600, AT868, UTX878 and other AquaTrans flowmeters are easy-to-install flowmeters that are build to last a long time.

T-series Transducers
The transducers of the T-series are a series of highpowered transducer. Examples are the T2, T3. T5, T9, T14 and T17.

BWT System
The BWT system is a system for Flow Transducers. BWT is an abbreviation of Bundle Waveguide Technolgy.

C-series Transducers
The C-RL, C-ET, C-RS and C-PT are transducers that can be used with many of General Electronic's flowmeters.

DigitalFlow CTF878 Clamp-On Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meter
The CTF878 is a flowmeter specialized in corrosive, erosive, toxic, sterile and highly pure gasses.

PanaView Flow Meter Interface Software
PanaView is the interface software designed for the easy reading of data collected by your flowmeters. The software works on ActiveX®.

PanaFlow HT SIL Ultrasonic Liquid Safety/Coker Flow Meter
The PanaFlow-HT is the flowmeter made for the difficult places. The technology will eliminate a lot of unexpected costs.

Other flowmeters and flowmeter related things that we have experience with are: FCARM, XMT900, Sentinel-Gas, SEN898, IGM878, XAMP, Vitality Interfacem, IDM, etc.